We offer everything that you want and is needed to bring your vehicle back to life. From detailing to polishing and prep painting your auto, we do it all for you. At Summerlin Auto RV Mobile Detailing we make sure that you are totally satisfied and pleased with the outcome.




Interior Detailing :

In interior detailing, your car’s interior is polished and made wonderful.

  • We vacuum your vehicle completely.

  • Entire fabric in the vehicle is cleaned through steam cleaning process.

  • The leather seats are treated through a proper 2-way cleaning procedure.

  • From your dashboard to your vents and mirrors and from your steering to console and cup holders, everything is cleaned, protected and made fresh and new.

  • We also apply vehicle fragrance to your car. You have the choice of picking one of your own choice.

  • Windows are cleaned inside and outside.

  • The seat thresholds, doors and door jambs are also cleaned thoroughly.

You ask for it and we bring the best to you in the name of quality interior detailing of your vehicle.


Exterior Detailing :

Our exterior detail gives your car the perfect look and remains the same for almost 6 months.

  • Chrome surfaces of your vehicle are cleaned thoroughly and polished.

  • The exterior of your car is hand washed with soft water.

  • Our team of experts apply carnauba wax to your vehicle’s surface.

  • The windows are cleaned on the outside as well.

  • All exterior plastics and trims are taken care of by our team.

The Perfect and Complete Detailing

If you are not looking for specific interior or exterior detailing and want your car to be detailed properly, all at once, then we bring that offer for you as well. Our aim is to bring your car back to its new condition or bring it as close to it as possible.

  • The wheel wells are cleaned and dressed properly so that their actual black color comes back to life.

  • Windows are polished from the inside and outside.

  • All exterior plastics and trims are protected and dressed by our team.

  • We clean your leather seats with a proper 2-step procedure to ensure that no cracks appear on your leather and they remain glossy and wonderful as if they are new.

  • We vacuum your vehicle completely.

  • All the door panels are cleaned deeply and are then protected. Same is for door plastics.

  • The chromes surfaces are cleaned in all ways too.

  • All fabric and carpets in the vehicle are cleaned as if they are new and are placed back properly.

  • Your choice fragrance is also attached to your vehicle to make it wonderfully aromatic all the time.

In complete detailing, all the services of exterior and interior detailing are included and you can rely on their durability for the next 6 months.

Visit us today and make your vehicle stand out in appearance and cleanliness too!

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